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1. Before the Need? Do you buy your children things before they need them—a tricycle before he can walk, a bike before she can ride, or a car before he can drive? *

2. Throwing Tantrums? When they’re little and they throw tantrums, do you quickly give them whatever they want so that they will stop? *

3. Picky Eaters? Do you let your children eat whatever they want and never require them to eat what you have prepared for the rest of the family? *

4. Duke It Out? Do you allow your children to fight—pummeling each other whenever a conflict arises? *

5. No Roomies? Do all of your children have their own bedroom? *

6. The “In” Look? Do you give into your child’s peer-pressure based requests to have the latest trends in brand-name clothes and the newest electronic gadgets, regardless of whether you have the money or not? *

7. Is Work a Four-letter Word? Do you tell your older children that they don’t need a part-time job to earn their own spending money because it will take away from their studies and social life? Instead you just pick up the tab for their expenses. *

8. Dating and Significance? Do you repeatedly emphasize that a relationship with the opposite sex is what makes them significant? *

9. Can You Hear Me Now? Do you have a family cell phone plan with a full data package and smartphones for everyone in the family? *

10. Go for a Drive? Do your kids think that driving your car, or giving them one of their own, is something you owe them? *

11. Pay Up? Do you pay for the auto insurance, gas and maintenance for the car your child drives? *

12. Sex? Do you teach your kids that safe sex is the only way to go—and abstinence is old-fashioned? *

13. Emergency Cards? Will you send your kids to college with a bank account funded by you and a credit card (just to be used for “emergencies) that you’ll pay for?” *

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